Monday, October 10, 2011

«OWS: It's Growing»

Occupy Wall Street: Too Big to Ignore

Started in Egypt, and has spread across the globe. It's a contagious behavior. It gets to the point that people that otherwise have very little reason to protest or riot have this urge to. I'm not saying the Occupy Wall Street in the US isn't needed. However, and this is probably short-sighted, the riots in London or earlier in Canada were not warranted. With this global uprising spreading all the way to the US, China must be really concerned about it spreading to them.

My take on Occupy Wall Street? Wait and watch. It's unlikely there will be a significant showing in Idaho. The state is too red politically and the protesters are seen as new-age hippies without a cause. That's my main issue with the movement, too. They are pointing out a fundamental problem with capitalism we all already knew exists. However, there's no central solution or call to action. Everyone involved has different ideas. They need a legendary public speaker to unify their movement akin to Martin Luther King Jr. Until they get their act together I'm going to remain an outside observer.

Then there's the possibility of an event that will spark violence. Be it an overzealous protester or an aggressive police display, this is a volatile situation. Protests around the country could turn to riots around the country.


  1. My sense is that the protesters got exactly what they voted for, but now aren't quite happy. "Hope and Change" meant Crony Capitalism as far as I could tell.

  2. My problem with these protests is.. well, that they're just incorrect. The rich aren't the cause of our problems; wealth is generated by the rich, not eaten up by them.

    Also, I've heard that Anonymous is connected to OWS in some way. Have you heard anything about that?

  3. @ Vid: It's true the rich are very good at generating wealth. However their wealth does not trickle down and benefit anyone else. In fact, when so much wealth is concentrated on a select few it devalues the currency, thus harming those who don't have much to begin with. When they can throw around millions or even billions to get what they want, the rest of us have no power.

    Anonymous connects themselves with anything that's on the internet. There's been a few protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

  4. Obviously, the rich spend money. Otherwise they wouldn't enjoy the high standard of living the OWS people are so jealous of. The money that the rich people spend trickles down to the workers that make their yachts and houses, the employees of their businesses, and any service people they hire. Where else would people get money from?


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