Friday, December 31, 2010

«Metal Sandvich»

Team Fortress 2, what a game... I combine 2 spare sandviches I had and I get scrap metal.

However, for being a war-themed hat trading simulator and auction house, I have a distinct lack of tradable hats. I suppose one needs time to work his way up to the hat tier.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Let's go nowhere fast on 9 wheels! I'm calling it a noncycle because non is the prefix for 9.

9 wheel cycle

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

«Derpcraft Google Map»

Now we've got a Google Maps style 3D map of the multiplayer Minecraft server I play on. It's riddled with errors, but still pretty cool. Check it.

Sorry, it's a private server. I can't give you the IP. It's by invite only.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

«Motivational Monday: TF2 Medics»

So after playing Team Fortress 2 for a bit, I've centered on the Medic as my favorite class to play. Pyro and Demoman are fun too. However, I feel that I'm helping the team the most when I play Medic.

Medics / Always more useful than snipers.
That's the Medic in the long coat, making the Heavy invincible.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

«This Is Minecraft»

Looks like most of the game-breaking bugs the move to Beta created are fixed.

This Is Minecraft

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

«Caturday: Kittens In Christmas Tree»

I personally have no kittens or Christmas tree. But Joel Veitch has both!

Kittens In My Christmas Tree!

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Friday, December 24, 2010


One of the most useless skills I was taught in school. I don't even remember how to write much more than my name in cursive anymore.

troll cursice comic

Click image to view full.

Another useless skill I was taught in school is doing math by hand and "showing my work". I've always got a calculator with me now (my phone). I've even got WolframAlpha for the more complicated problems. I really wish I had been taught more equations and how to use them, rather than how to complete them by hand. Let computers do what they do best. They are much quicker and far more accurate than any human could ever be.

It's not like you'd ever have a job that requires you to complete math by hand anymore... Other than being a math teacher and teaching an obsolete skill. You don't need to know how to build a car to drive one.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010


About the same success rate as prayer.


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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

«Atheist Grinch»

No, the video has nothing to do with a green guy.

Atheist Grinches?

At least the billboard was a step up from saying "There's probably no God, so be good for goodness' sake."

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

«The Shadow of the Earth»

Last night's full lunar eclipse. It's red due to the light refracting through the Earth's atmosphere.
during total lunar eclipse
Just before the full eclipse.
before total lunar eclipse

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Monday, December 20, 2010

«Motivational Monday: Heavy Riding a Shark»

So for some reason I've started playing Team Fortress 2. I've had it since the Orange Box came out back in 2007, just never played it. It's a war-themed hat trading simulator and auction house.

Picture Unrelated / but it's a fancy Heavy carrying a cake and riding a shark with a piano on its back, with balloon animals everywhere. Enjoy.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

«Don't "Don't ask, Don't Tell"»

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repealed

Embedding has been disabled for the video, so you'll have to follow the link. It's just a quick news report that the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy has finally been repealed. It's a victory for gay rights.

There goes my escape strategy if they should ever enact a draft...

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

«Caturday: Now Tale Bored»

This and Minecraft have nothing in common. There's always something else you can build...

I'm bored / me too / naow wut? / I dunno.
No, please go on. I find your tale absolutely enthralling.
Boredcat isbored

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Friday, December 17, 2010

«Hocus Pocus by Focus»

This is a crazy song... Especially the "vocals" if you can call it that.

Focus - Hocus Pocus Live '73

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

«Derpcraft Development»

Time to post an updated map of the multiplayer Minecraft server I've been playing on. The overall map has grown to such a degree that it's ridiculous to post the full map like I did last time.

Here's the main part of the developed area. Most everything else outside this area has been explored, but not settled.
Derpcraft developed area

Click image to view full.
My snow globe is the white circle directly West of the red eVa letters.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I quite liked this one.


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

«Snow Globe»

Behold, the Minecraft Snow Globe!
Giant snow globe built in Minecraft

Click image to view full.

I built that on the multiplayer server I've been playing on. The glass sphere has a diameter of 50 blocks, each block is equivalent to 1 cubic meter. I have plans to build a giant pumpkin inside the globe. Those grey blocks suspended inside the globe mark the corners of the planned pumpkin. Yes, it will be a cubic pumpkin of gargantuan proportions... If I can find enough smaller pumpkins to build it out of.

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Monday, December 13, 2010

«Motivational Monday: Hungry Pope»

What he does with the child before he eats it is up for speculation.

The Pope / He will steal your baby and eat it.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

«Derpcraft Map»

Here's a map of the multiplayer map I'm playing on in Minecraft. The full size image is quite large. My avatar in-game is Indiana Jones. In the true explorative spirit of Indiana Jones, I've been about everywhere on this map.

Click image to view full.

This map was generated the morning of December 11th, so it's already out of date. There's been significant construction and exploration since then.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

«Caturday: Snow Happy Beautiful»

Just when the snow goes away there's possible snow in the forecast again.

I has snow
Ceeling cat did send down his only son, happycat
hello buitful where did you come fwom

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Friday, December 10, 2010

«Try the New McDonald's»

Mmmm... I love a good Anus Pounder.

Try the new Anus Pounder

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

«Multiplayer Minecraft»

As if I wasn't getting enough Minecraft, I've joined a multiplayer Minecraft community. I've set up a home in a desert on the server, kind of out away from most people. But hey, I'm not the sole inhabitant of the world! It's quite interesting to explore what other people are making, and to watch just how quickly the area develops. It's also fun to help people and work together on something.

I've still got my single player game going, still working on my dome. That's coming alone nicely. I'm not going to build anything on that scale in multiplayer.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

«Uncle Nick»

Behold, the true meaning of Christmas.

I want YOU to spend a lot to prove you love your family.

Click image to view full.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

«Aggressive Atheism»

Aggressive atheism

This Pat Condell guy is interesting. Not quite what I'd expect from someone his age. The older people get it seems, the more religious they get.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

«Motivational Monday: Free Thinker»

Because atheists worship Satan, even though we don't believe in him.

Religion / ...enough said.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

«Julian Assange»

Here's to the man with the biggest balls in the world: Julian Assange. You know the guy's got balls when Ron Paul supports him.

In a free society we're supposed to know the truth,... ...In a society where truth becomes treason, then we're in big trouble. And now, people who are revealing the truth are getting into trouble for it.

- Ron Paul

Julian Assange is of course the founder of Wikileaks. Unless you've made an effort to avoid the news completely, you've been hearing a lot about Wikileaks lately.

I fully support Wikileaks in publishing the diplomatic cables. That sort of thing should be public information anyway. There is very little that a government should withhold from its own people. Strategic troop locations come to mind as one thing that has a legitimate reason to be classified. Remember, the US government is of the people, by the people, for the people.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

«Caturday: Just Sits Cleaning»

There is nothing suggestive about this cat picture.

Don't worry It's just a cat
Id it not for sits why is it made of warm?
After I done cleaning myself I going to kill ur family

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Friday, December 3, 2010

«A Bed Made of Sleep»

There are some things that simply can't exist in any space or time. Absolute knowledge of the universe is not required to assert that some things can't exist.

Putting faith in its place

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

«Salvation Army is a Hate Group?»

I never realized the Salvation Army was so against homosexuality. It seems silly for a charity organization to take a stance on this issue at all.

Boycott The Salvation Army

As if those bell ringers weren't bad enough. They also oppose pornography in all forms. Makes me not feel so good about those pots and pans we bought when I first moved to Boise Idaho.

Here's a Facebook page you can "Like" if you want to Boycott the Salvation Army.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


You cannot escape the Puddi!

Giga Pudding (L)

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

«Tick, Tick»

What's that sound? Oh, it's the sound of the Doomsday Clock as it moves closer to midnight.

Things are heating up in North Korea and Wikileaks publishes over a quarter million classified documents pertaining to world diplomatic relations. As far as I can tell there's been no official change to the Doomsday clock since January of 2010. However, in light of recent events I think we're going to hear the Clock tick once more.

I wounder, will World War III be on time for the 2012 Doomsday? After all, the LHC is no longer in the running for 2012.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

«Motivational Monday: Tactical Facepalm»

The US government's initial response to Wikileaks, before they started their damage control.

Tactical Facepalm / Sometimes a regular facepalm just doesn't cut it.
What's wrong with the guy in the front's finger anyway?

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

«Agents of Secret Stuff»

This has become popular on YouTube quickly... It's kinda corny. Yes, it's a 35 minute short film.

"Agents of Secret Stuff"

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

«Caturday: Funny Cats»

Can't have just pictures every week.

Funny Cats

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Friday, November 26, 2010

«Grammar Nazi Flag»

Because people who are obsessed with correcting other people's grammar need a flag to rally behind.
Grammar Nazi flag

Click image to view full.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

«A Roommate's Thanksgiving»

It's the US holiday Thanksgiving today. Though I'm not with my own family, this year I have something to be thankful for: I'm not in Ketchikan. And that is something worth being thankful for.

I won't be alone. My roommate's dad and sister will be here, as well as my roommate himself (duh).

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

«Dawkins Hate Mail»

Awww... I don't get funny hate mail to read. Caution: strong language in the video.

Hate E-mails with Richard Dawkins

Oh, the messages of loving Christians.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

«Mall Scavenger Hunt Encounter»

Sunday my roommate and I were wandering around the mall with a lack of anything better to do. I was dressed as I always am, temperature permitting: in a black trench coat.

As we were approaching the food court, a group of people approached us. They said something about a scavenger hunt and were looking for someone in a trench coat. I figured they were on one of those hunts local radio channels do sometimes, with a cash prize for the person who finds the goal. I was just about to say that I didn't know of any such contest and wish them good luck on their hunt... However, once they had our attention they started proselytizing... "Have you heard about the word of God?"

They were dressed normally, not in suits and ties or anything. You've got to admit, it's a creative way to get someone's attention. Pick out a unique feature and tell them you've been looking for someone like that. My roommate told them we're in the state if Idaho, it would be hard NOT to hear about God. I didn't think to ask them what sect of Christianity they represented. I let them go on their scripted speech for a few moments, then told them I was an atheist.

Oh but they had a plan for that, too. One of the guys claimed he was an atheist before he saw the light. I asked him, out of actual curiosity now, what caused him to convert? The story that ensued was a cliche disappointment.

He told me was a member of a band and did heavy drugs trying to fill the void in his heart. He tells me one day he was trippin' hard on LSD and had a spiritual experience. It was like nothing else he'd ever seen. God himself came down and straitened him out. My roommate interjected "that must have been a hell of a trip." Everyone else laughed, the guy seemed a little annoyed.

So why the church doesn't distribute LSD to the masses to bring them closer to God I don't know. That THC Ministry in Amsterdam might have the right idea after all. But how convincing is that really? Some guy has a crazy LSD trip and that's suppose to convince me there's a God? The human brain does some crazy shit when chemicals are imbalanced. Out-of-body experiences, feelings of euphoria, all sorts of unexplainable feelings when the brain is trying to make sense of what's happening.

Why is it that every ex-atheist conversion story involves a band, drugs, and women? Rhetorical question. It's because they want to convey atheists as these immoral, selfish monsters. I myself have never tried any illegal drugs. No LSD, no marijuana... I don't even have more than one alcoholic drink at a time. I am an upstanding, law-abiding citizen. I'm just an atheist, and because of that I'm somehow immoral?

At this point, I find this whole encounter hilarious. I asked what lead him to Christianity instead of some other religion, like Islam. He went on to say that the tone of the Bible is like a mentor, where the other religious texts are like a dictator. He clearly had no knowledge of the Koran. He was very quick to distance himself from Islam, seeing as how demonized it has become in American culture. He then went off on some tangent about creativity and that I needed God to fully realize my true potential.

I don't believe the guy really ever was an atheist. It's just a story they came up with to try to relate to any atheists they come across. They failed. Miserably. Even if the guy was an atheist at one time, It wasn't for the right reasons.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

«Motivational Monday: Frostbite»

The weather forecast here in Boise is calling for a low of 1 degree Fahrenheit Tuesday night... And high winds.

Frostbite / This guy was only outside for 5 minutes

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

«Ugly Dome»

I got a couple of blocks higher than I was last time. I had taken a break from Minecraft to play a little Fallout New Vegas.

The dome is sort of ugly from the outside. When I complete the top half I'll have to do something about that.
Minecraft dome outside

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

«Joe Biden on LGBT Youth»

Vice President Biden: It Gets Better

That was unexpected. Kudos to Vice President Joe Biden. It's good to see a politician take this position or even talk about.

Although I still think he doesn't quite understand. It's not just the youth. There are no laws that forbid people who stutter to marry each other. There's not a group of people out protesting with signs that say "God Hates Stutterers."

A video with a heartfelt speech is nice. But will he actually do anything? Will he push the administration to realize this inequity? That not all Americans have the "unalienable rights" to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness they should have? I suspect not.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

«Stupidity of the General Public»

You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public.

- Scott Adams

It's why we have warning signs to not fold the baby in the stroller and "Caution: HOT when heated" labels.

What's worse is we're all part of this same general public.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

«FBF Time!»

Yes, I can relate to Foul Bachelor Frog more often than I care to admit.

No food that doesn't require preparation or heating / Not hungry
Job Applic- / Fuck it
Use internet in public / Cant think of any clean websites to visit
All out of cereal / Startin' to feel like Auschwitz around here
Better go to bed / It's 9am
Relate to Foul Bachelor Frog / Don't see problem

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

«New Vegas Bugs»

Fallout New Vegas is the most glitch filled game I've played in a long time. I've already had 1 failed character due to the main quest glitching. I'm trying a second time. The biggest challenge of the game is just getting through it without something major glitching. There are a lot of game-stopping bugs. I should have taken it as a sign of things to come when I got stuck1 5 minutes into the game my first time playing and had to reload.

On the Fallout Wiki each quest and area has a huge bugs section, some have workarounds some don't. Whenever I get a quest I have to look it up on the wiki and see if I can figure a way to complete it and avoid the many bugs so I can complete it. I have to constantly be making saves so I can revert back if something glitches.

I've had a few graphical bugs as well. Those are kinda funny and they usually don't break anything. I haven't had this one yet though.
Fallout New Vegas intro bug

*head spins and turns upside down* "You'd better tell me if I left anything out of place... How'd I do?"

I really think Fallout New Vegas should have stayed in Beta a while longer. Minecraft is still in Alpha and it doesn't have this many bugs...

1: The old gas station in Goodsprings. I jumped on top the truck in the garage and couldn't move.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

«Motivational Monday: The Bible»

It's the unerring word of God. The Bible itself even says so.

The Bible / Because all the works of science cannot equal the wisdom of cattle-sacrificing primitives who thought every animal species in the world lived within walking distance of Noah's house

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

«Giant Jesus»

Jesus rises in Poland

So they couldn't think of any better use for the money? I'd be embarrassed by it too.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

«Trolling is A Art»

Because you just lost The Game. You are also now breathing manually, and realize your jaw has weight.


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Thursday, November 11, 2010

«The Walls Rise»

It's coming along in Minecraft, ever so slowly.
Minecraft World map

Click image to view full.
The first thing you'll notice that's different from the Halloween map is that there's a lot more land, so in the thumbnail the details are going to be smaller.

I sailed in a boat along the coastline until I found a snow biome. Now I have a pretty good showing of all the major biomes. Snow/Ice in the left, forest in the center, desert and plains on the right.

Looking at my mega-project, I've filled in the water within the circle, leveled more land, and put 32 layers on the walls. It's starting to take a dome shape now. I don't plan on doing a complete dome; I want an opening at the top. Similar to the dome of the Pantheon in Rome. Although my opening will be bigger in relation to the dome.

How it looks in-game. I forgot to disable the fog when I took this screenshot.
Inside the incomplete dome
Click image to view full.
I figure I need at least 22 more layers.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

«Atheist Meeting»

So last night I attended a meeting of blasphemers. As I understand it, the Idaho Atheists in Boise have been dormant for about 3 years for various reasons. Within the past month or so have they started to stir once more.

My recent activities in Minecraft do not require my full attention. So I've been listening to a lot of atheist videos on YouTube and such as I play. I have dual monitors and I can put the video on one monitor and play Minecraft on the other. As a result of this, I once again searched for atheists in Boise. This is how and why I found out about the "Meet An Atheist" event last night. It's going to be a monthly meeting, the second Tuesday of every month.

I think I'll try to attend future meetings. It was nice to be around like-minded people. Most of the time religion wasn't even the main topic, although the most memorable discussion last night was the Space Jesus statue in Utah. It was describing this statue of Jesus near the main Mormon temple in Utah, with a backdrop of the solar system. An ex-Mormon in the group was called over to the conversation. All the buildup was so he could pose the question "What the hell?!". I'm sure it was more hilarious in person than my description of it here.

There was a reporter there for the Boise State newspaper that wanted to know more about the gathering, and Idaho Atheists in general. There were maybe 10 or 12 of us in total gathered last night. The founder of the organization was there and she spoke with the reporter the most.

I personally did better than I expected I would. The meeting was in a pub, and the atmosphere was a little louder than I'm use to. I had difficulty hearing people some of the time. People formed small discussion circles of 2-4 and each had its own discussion going. Even though I was positioned in the middle of everyone, at times I felt like I was outside the discussion. That's no fault on their part, it's how I am. Just going at all was an improvement over what I usually would do.

Overall it was a positive experience. I look forward to doing it again, and perhaps even getting a little more involved in the future.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

«Can't Prove a Negative»

James Randi Lecture @ Caltech - Cant Prove a Negative

Obviously the video is fairly old, as James Randi references the World Trade Center as though it still exists. This video explains why the burden of proof is on the one making the claim. This is why the God believers must prove the existence of God, and I have no obligation as an atheist to disprove God.

Disbelief is the default position. Be it about Russell's Teapot, the Invisible Pink Unicorn, telepathy, or God.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

«Motivational Monday: Precision Shooting»

Being in a famous image in the internet however, is right up his alley.

Precision Shooting / ...probably not this guy's specialty

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

«Bored Captain»

Just what is a starship captain to do on those long boring graveyard shifts?

Patrick Stewart Alphabet

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

«Caturday: Pills Overstimulated Conga»

They were not sleeping pills... or were they?

I found pills and ate them
Kitty is overstimulated
Caturday Conga Line falls prey to nap time

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Friday, November 5, 2010

«Mountain Moved»

I have moved a mountain, and it was not by the power of prayer...

The footprint of the mountain is the grey stone and brown dirt. The mountain is gone.
Minecraft mountain flattened

Click image to view full.

Damn that took a long time... And that's only stage 1 of my Minecraft mega-project. No, I'm not going to tell you what is is going to be... Because I'm not sure what to call it yet.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

«Dose of Random»

Need your weekly dose of random?
Toilet diving

Click image to view full.

Hurmm... Sorry, I've got nothing for you.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

«Bottle Got Your Tongue?»

Six-year-old Mary Kate Person is home recovering after spending 4 days in the hospital. She says it all started Friday at lunch. She was drinking out of an aluminum water bottle.

"I was drinking water and then it just got stuck on my tongue,"

- Potential dangers lurk in water bottles

This may of seemed funny to the father at first, but it's still funny to me. I definitely see how I kid screwing around could get into this situation. I had a red bottle like that I used for a while. Even I would stick my tongue into it idly sometimes when I was bored.

With the water bottle I'm using now it's impossible. The opening is too large to get a tongue stuck in it, and the threading for the lid is more rounded and would not hold a tongue.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

«California, Don't Disappoint!»

I can't stress this enough.
YES on Prop 19 Control & Tax Cannabis Vote November 2nd 2010

Click image to view full.

I don't smoke marijuana, I never have even tried it. I don't live in California so I don't have a vote on the matter. If the days of prohibition back in the 1920s taught us anything, it's that outlawing something creates a black market.

Not to mention the tax income and savings for the state...
A Cost/Benefit Analysis
Click image to view full.

For me it's a matter of personal freedom. I make the decision to not smoke it. I think it stinks and is unpleasant to be around, and it makes people act stupid. But so does alcohol. That doesn't mean that just because I personally don't like it no one should be using it. Legalizing pot isn't going to make it okay for people to drive or work under the influence any more than it is for alcohol.

It will actually make it tougher for underage kids to get pot if it is legalized. The current dealers are already breaking the law, so they don't care about the age of their customers. Whereas if it is legalized, ID will be required. Most people would rather take the legal approach if convenient. Illegal dealers won't have nearly the customer base, and not much incentive to continue illegally.

It will still get in the hands of kids, there is no way to stop that. However, I'm willing to bet that it would put a nice dent in their frequency of use.

Please please please... Those of you who can, vote Yes to legalize marijuana. It's no more dangerous or damaging than tobacco or alcohol. Being outlawed causes more problems than it solves.

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