Monday, August 30, 2010

«And I'm Back»

I've got an apartment in Boise Idaho. I'm roommates with a friend of mine. Got most of my mailing addresses updated, along with all the usual crap when you move.

It's nice to be away from dismal Ketchikan. There's not much I miss about that town yet. I'm going to miss the ocean, and even some of the rain. I find myself stepping outside on the rare occasions that it does rain here in Boise. The thunderstorms here are a treat. Despite the constant rain and wind in Ketchikan, there isn't much thunder and lightning.

The heat is actually quite nice. It's a dry heat so it is quite tolerable. I think the winters are going to be mean, though. The ocean in Ketchikan regulates the temperature, so the winters are quite mild. Here in Boise on the other hand... It gets cold.

So far I like it. Stuff is cheap here. Some things (like food) cost half what they do in Ketchikan. I still need to find a job though... As much as I'd like to get enough income from the ads here, it's just not going to happen.

The bad part of all this is, no matter how far I go I can't get away from myself. I'm still me. So I'm finding myself living like a hermit again. I'm not as bad as I was in Ketchikan, but I'm headed there. I'd like to find a group of like-minded people to hang out with. From what I've seen on the internet, Boise is a pretty lonely place for a nerdy atheist.


  1. Hi, welcome back :) I've been wondering how you were doing, even though I don't even know you and only came to your blog very recently.
    I was saddened by the last part of your post, so I Googled "idaho skeptics" and found a link to "Skeptics Meetups near Boise, Idaho"
    Hope you can get to something and find sensible, like-minded people to interact with. Let us know how you get on ...

  2. @ Lindamp: I've searched and there's a few groups, but most of them haven't updated their website in months. So I don't know how active they really are.

  3. ... you could always start your own group ... ?

  4. @ Lindamp: I might on Facebook. No results were returned from a search for "Boise atheist".

  5. Im glad you've finally settled in, even if its not turning out exactly how you planned. But I'm sure you'll work out the kinks eventually. You've come quite a ways since I last talked to you on facebook. How big of a town/city is Boise exactly?

    - Six

  6. @ Six Legions: Boise has a population of about 202,832 as of 2008. I was so tired of living on an island of 14,000.

  7. Welcome back! Here's some sites that could be helpful, if only in some cases by having people who could tell you where to look:


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