Sunday, August 29, 2010

«Landscape Change»

What a sharp contrast in landscapes. I came from a lush temperate rain forest in Alaska to a barren desert in Idaho... And I love it.

Just take a look at this.
Dry landscape in Idaho

Click image to view full.
I love deserts because they are so different from anything I grew up with. And oh yeah: I'm coming back to blogging.


  1. welcome back! i've missed your posts in my inbox, and it was a nice surprise to find two this morning :)

    i want you to know you're not alone in the hermit-y nerdy atheist department. i recently moved to texas, and if you've heard anything about texas, it's all true. i'm mostly concerned with my son being brainwashed by the public school system, but then i remember i got out free-thinking (and i grew up in bible-belt south georgia.)

    anyway, looking forward to your musings on your new life and everything else that dances on your brain :)

  2. Nice to see you back. The picture looks a bit like some of our local hills. Now I am wondering about the difference between a Boise Caturday and a Ketchikan Caturday, but will wait patiently to find out.

  3. @ piper.secrets: I feel bad for you. What ever forced you to move to Texas? Your kid is not going to get a proper education, with them re-writing American history to exclude Thomas Jefferson and all... And Science classes will be even worse!

    Seriously. Texas is the. worst. state. Get out now!

    @ Looney: I wouldn't expect Caturday to have chanced much. It's not location specific.

  4. Moving from Alaska to Idaho must be a big temperature change. You must be frying...
    FRENCH frying!

  5. @ Vid: It's a dry heat, so I actually like it. Very few days have been "too" hot yet. Although my roommate tells me this is an unusually cold year. Take today for example, it only reached 70.

  6. WB've been sorely missed

  7. Arizona, Its beautiful, warm, and the winter dosent get to cold.


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