Wednesday, March 2, 2011

«MLP:FiM Fan-Made Music Video»

I'm not much into the pop music of current times, but this combination of 7 artists (and ponies!) wasn't too bad.

My Little Pony AMV Epic (7 Artists)

I particularly like Rainbow Dash's "I kissed a girl" parts. It just seems to fit her so well. While all the ponies in the TV series are basically asexual1, Rainbow Dash still gives off a lesbian vibe.

The "You spin me round" song will forever remind me of that meatspin2 website.

1: It was suggested that the ponies reproduce through budding, but Lauren Faust confirmed that they reproduce like any other mammal.
2: Please, don't go and search for "meatspin" now unless you're an adult. It's a NSFW website.


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