Friday, March 11, 2011


Now all the "Supermoon" naysayers feel justified. So what if the 9.0 earthquake in Japan was a week early?

I've been hearing about this "Supermoon" that's going to destroy the world on March 19th. The moon's slightly elliptical orbit will bring it closer to Earth than it has been in... wait for it... 18 whole years! It will be a couple thousand miles closer to Earth than normal. That's between 1 and 2 percent closer.

Even though it didn't destroy the Earth 18 years ago (in fact nothing out of the ordinary happened), that was just practice. This time it's for real and the moon is going to unleash hell. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, severe weather... Any natural disaster you can name has been predicted to happen.

And some of it might. Not because of the moon, but just because these things happen. These "Supermoon" folk predicted all hell to break loose on a very specific day: March 19th. However, we'll most likely find out this Earthquake in Japan today is the worst thing to happen anywhere near that time. So they'll end up taking credit for that and say "See? we were right! An earthquake DID happen!" ...Even though the moon is nowhere near its closest point yet.

EDIT: It's been upgraded to a 9.0 earthquake.


  1. I just barely missed being in the Kobe earthquake that happened in '95. Not sure where the moon was then, but the devastation was incredible. My apartment wasn't quite ready or I would have been in the middle of things.

  2. Marf - the kooks are out in force on the interwebthingy over this earthquake in Japan.

    Everywhere I go I see comments from god botherers and 2012ers saying that its all part of the end times , or "nature striking back" and such stuff. Lots of people "praying" for the Japanese - does that help in controlling a nuclear meltdown?

    I read one comment recently when someone suggested it was "natures" way of paying back the Japanese for killing whales. Like "nature" holds grudges I guess. I despair about the ability of some people to be absolutely, incredibly and profoundly stupid.

  3. Eighteen years later...

    Oh my lord! I can see it right now! Oh, wait, it's a weather balloon. False alarm, everyone!


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