Wednesday, February 22, 2012

«Swearing Muppets Turned Philosophical»

I was writing a reply to a comment on an old post about censoring the Muppets. However my reply was getting too long and not at all related to the video, so it became a new post.

So here's the comment:

I agree.

It's because people no longer believe in spiritual values that make up humanity and if you don't believe in spiritual values what choices are you going to have then to please your physical body which only brings temporary pleasure?

There really is no *Good* or *Evil* but it's more if you have a dualistic mind where you and the other person your pitted against shove each other down the throat.

People often make scapegoats in order to take responsibility away from themselves and

It really doesn't matter what your religion is as long as you believe in the fundamental values of the spirit and love your enemies as yourself or whatever your spiritual texts say that supports that kind of message.

That's the basic of that.

- Comment on "The Muppets Need Censoring"

Everything about being human is temporary. Including any pleasure we seek, anyone we love, and anything we accomplish. I have absolutely no belief in any sort of spirit or soul, reincarnation, or life after death. Quite frankly, this is it. Make the best of it.

As far as the whole spiritual text thing, I have the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster I suppose. But I don't get my values from that. My morals and values come from how I was raised by my parents, the society I live in, and empathy. I'm not what one would call a spiritual person.

I don't see myself "pitted against" anyone. I don't have enemies. I don't view people like that. When I have a disagreement with someone I try to see their side and allow them to see mine. If we reach an impasse, then I simply accept that our points of view are different. Depending on the point argued, I may not want to spend any more time with the person, but I still don't see them as "evil" or an "enemy".

Religions are dangerous (in part) because they form this "us" vs. "them" mentality. Where "us" (we) are in the right and backed by the word of God. And "Them" are a different religion, atheists, gays, pro-choicers, evolutionists, or any other perceived group that have different values or beliefs and are simply evil/immoral/enemies/misguided.


  1. I think both theists and atheists try to see the other side of the argument to the same general extent. Of course there are individuals on both sides with varying levels of openness, but I don't think that one side or the other is more close-minded just by the nature of their religion.

    This comment's grammar and arguable lack of relevance to the video is laughable enough that I wonder if it's fake.

    1. Heya Marf,
      Long are the sea monkeys doin?

      The daughter and I went out and got some mudpuppies to raise this spring. It's not spring unless I have tadpoles or mudpuppies. Haven't found any fairy shrimp yet.

      Hope life is treating you well,


  2. So if I stole your wallet it wouldn't be bad or serial killers aren't evil? Very interesting.


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