Friday, February 22, 2008

«The Muppets Need Censoring»

A friend of mine showed me this video...

The Count Censored

I tell you... It's a sign of the times when even a children's show like the Muppets needs to be censored.


  1. I agree.

    It's because people no longer believe in spiritual values that make up humanity and if you don't believe in spiritual values what choices are you going to have then to please your physical body which only brings temporary pleasure?

    There really is no *Good* or *Evil* but it's more if you have a dualistic mind where you and the other person your pitted against shove each other down the throat.

    People often make scapegoats in order to take responsibility away from themselves and

    It really doesn't matter what your religion is as long as you believe in the fundamental values of the spirit and love your enemies as yourself or whatever your spiritual texts say that supports that kind of message.

    That's the basic of that.

    1. I meant the whole "sign of the times" thing as more of a joke...

      For the rest of my response to you, I made a post: Swearing Muppets Turned Philosophical.


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