Tuesday, April 14, 2009

«Google is God»

...Or at least the closest thing we have to a God. There's even a Church of Google.

I, being an atheist, require extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims. However, the Church of Google website backs up their claim with 9 proofs:

  1. Omniscience (all-knowing)
  2. Omnipresence (everywhere at once)
  3. Answers Prayers (searches)
  4. Immortality (potentially, anyway)
  5. Infinite (theoretically no limits)
  6. Offer of an Afterlife (Google's cache)
  7. Omnibenevolence ("don't be evil" motto)
  8. Fulfillment (turn to when in a time of need)
  9. Existence (Google exists)

That last one is where Google trumps all other gods. Google actually exists. While I will admit Google is the closest thing we know of to a god, it is still not a god. Google is missing omnipotence (all-powerful). There is no extraordinary evidence to prove Google is all-powerful. In fact, I'd say true omnipotence is an impossibility (due to various logical paradoxes).

I also question the validity of Google's omnibenevolence claim. Just because their company motto is "don't be evil" it doesn't mean they follow it all the time. However, omnibenevolence is not a prerequisite in my mind for a god. Just look at the God of the Christian Bible... That vengeful bastard is anything but omnibenevolent.

So, I will still remain an Atheist. Google does exist, but it is not a god.


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