Thursday, April 30, 2009

«Swine Flu»

All the talk lately is about Swine Flu. I'm not worried about it. It would have to reach pandemic proportions (let's say 100,000 dead world wide) before I'd give it much merit.

About 36,000 Americans die from influenza complications every year. That's just the regular run-of-the mill flu. It's not really anything unusual. So far this Swine Flu is not much.

That isn't to say that the medical personnel shouldn't be paying attention to Swine Flu. But it's over-hyped in the general population. All that does is cause general panic. Think back to SARS. That never really did become much, all that hype over nothing.

Also remember, it's just a flu. Most people that have been infected have made a full recovery without any medical intervention.


  1. Well, you aren't much of a conspiracy theorist then huh?

  2. Hi Marf,
    You are right. The only note of caution I would add is that it is almost certain that one of these days there will be a vitrulaent pandemic.

    Flu is one of the prime candidates for the big one so they are right to be cautious. Over here there has been no sense of panic. Sure people are talking about it. We even dusted off our pandemic illness emergency plan at work and have advised staff where info updates will be posted.

  3. Uh. that was me that last comment marf!

  4. @ Bunc: You can select your Google profile in the "Comment as:" drop-down menu under the comment form. The Google Profile is just your blogger profile.

    Yes, you are right. There will be another bad pandemic. But there's no need to get the public worked up over every possible suspect. That's for the medical personnel to deal with. I'm not at all saying we should ignore anything... Just have the right people paying attention and let the rest of us live our lives.

  5. You are far to sensible Marf


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