Friday, April 17, 2009

«NASA Fails Colbert»

Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance TreadmillWhat's the point of NASA even having a vote to name Node 3 for the ISS? They chose "Tranquility", despite the name being in 8th place. They didn't even chose the most voted-for official option of "Serenity".

The write-in "Colbert" took first place. As a consolation prize to all the now-disgruntled majority voters, they named the treadmill COLBERT (Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill). In my opinion, as long as the write-in wasn't vulgar they should have gone with it. Node 3 should have been named Colbert (despite my vote of Xenu).

If you don't want a write-in name to win, don't give the option of a write-in. If you don't want the most popular choice to win, don't have a vote on it. Simple. It just pisses people off when you have a vote on something, then disregard the result.

I mean, they chose the 8th place name. The vote was pointless. Way to go, NASA.



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