Thursday, April 9, 2009

«Comment Appearance Re-designed»

I updated something else on the blog, again. I go through spurts like this.

I've seen on many blogs where if the post author makes a comment, it'll be highlighted in some way so it is easier to pick out amongst all the other comments. I've been meaning to highlight my own comments here for a while now. I've seen how to do it in various places. Blogger Buster, for example, has a great tutorial on how to do it in a blogger blog. I finally got around to doing it.

Like any project, one thing leads to another... I re-designed the entire appearance of the comments. Now each comment has a border, no longer uses a definition list, and the comments are numbered! (yay!)

In the unlikely event that one of my posts gets hundreds of comments and there's actually a "Next Page" for comments, I have a javascript in place that will kick in to correct the comment numbering. Otherwise the comment numbering would start over at 1 on each page.

You can either make a comment here (or in any of my posts) to see the outcome. Or you can check out a post that already has a few comments.

EDIT: I also got rid of those annoying dotted horizontal lines that were in the sidebar.


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