Friday, May 7, 2010

«Prayer vs. Work»

It's the truth...

Prayer vs. Work

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  1. Ah, but it you make another column: Prayer while working ...

    Easy: check
    Quick: check
    Free: check
    absolves responsibility: well ...
    Fixes the problem: check

  2. Or you could do neither!

  3. @ Looney: Prayer while working is still working, so it's not going to be easy or quick. Let's see what it does do...

    Easy: X
    Quick: X
    Free: X
    Absolves Responsibility: Check*
    Fixes the problem: Check

    It actually pains me to admit prayer had any impact at all over just working. But that's the society we live in, not so much that the prayer is actually doing anything.

    *The catch is, you must let as many people as possible know you were praying in order for it to absolve responsibility.


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