Wednesday, May 12, 2010

«"What's That Thing?", Second Edition»

The first edition wasn't really meant to seriously be a game, I even had the name of the object in the file name when I first posted it.

So here's a macro picture of the object, try to guess what it is:

Click image to view full.
Bonus points if you can tell me exactly where it came from.


  1. Some sort of alien probing device that you bought off ebay?!

    -Six Legions

  2. Heads for reading off of disk drive platters - 4 of them. A 2tb drive? Or maybe the new Seagate 3tb?

  3. It's not from a modern drive; they're big because the domains are small, not because they use many platters. That's from an old drive, back when they were measured in megabytes.

  4. @ Looney: Actually, the newer drives don't usually have 4 platters. In fact, if you crack one open you're likely to find only 1.

    @ Nathaniel: But the drive isn't quite that old, it was measured in gigabytes. I love macro images because they show detail, and it's tough to tell the scale.

    You guys figured out it is a hard drive head. The drive was a Maxtor 60GB, manufactured August 25th, 2000. But why do I have it? Where did it come from?

  5. It's from your hard drive that died.

  6. @ Trevor: Indeed, it's from the hard drive that failed on me early this month.

  7. i think you should give it to me because it looks cool

  8. @ Anonymous (#7): If you're serious, contact me via email and we could work something out (such as your shipping address). I was just going to throw it away...


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