Friday, May 28, 2010

«So That's How Many Savior Stories?»

So... It looks like the people who wrote the Bible lacked creativity as well as logic.

Origins of Religion ?

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  1. It is a fun subject. For example, I know that the Persians had no written language until 500BC (beginning of Persian Empire), but the video attributes Mithra to 1,200BC. The first Persian religious documents date from the Middle Ages long after Christianity was a major influence in Persia. But then there is the Biblical Daniel, who looks very much like the vague and mysterious Zoroaster who taught monotheism ...

    As for the others, well, my instincts tell me that the similarities will evaporate as soon as you track the alleged source documents.

    There is actually a theory out there among Christian missionaries that a symbol of Christianity exists in all aboriginal cultures which can be used for teaching purposes. The tracking of the symbols lead to cannibals and headhunters in New Guinea. The link to this is here.


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