Sunday, July 4, 2010

«The Bagpipes (with Video)»

Friggin' bagpipes man, I'm going insane!

I live fairly close to where all the Independence Day festivities are happening this year. For the past 3 days now, I've been hearing the faint sound of bagpipe music. It seems to ebb and flow, and when I can't actually hear it, I'm imagining it. It's like it continues to play in my head even after it's stopped. When I'm actually down there amongst the festivities there's usually some other music playing, completely unrelated to bagpipes.

I know there was a guy in town that would drive his truck back and forth through town with his windows down, blaring bagpipe music. He use to do it all summer. For the sake of my sanity, I was hoping it was him I was hearing.

I do like bagpipe music, it's an amazing instrument. But randomly hearing it all the time without any logical source leads to insanity. Yesterday I finally found a source. It doesn't explain why I've been hearing bagpipes all day for 3 days, but I still feel better. They are the Misty Thistle Pipes & Drums, local here in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Misty Thistle Pipes & Drums playing in the rain

Click image to view full.
Yes, they're playing out in the rain. Like true Ketchikanites, they don't let a little rain stop them.

This is my first upload to YouTube. I recorded a song they performed in the Plaza yesterday (July 3rd, 2010) outside the AT&T store.

Misty Thistle Pipes & Drums Ketchikan, Alaska

They will be marching in the parade today as well.


  1. At least they aren't playing vuvuzelas.

  2. I'm not really sure why people are so down on bagpipes. I've always been rather fond of them.


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