Tuesday, July 27, 2010

«Kepler Findings»

So the latest results from the Kepler Telescope puts the estimate of earth-like planets in our Milky Way Galaxy at 100 million. Turns out earth-sized planets are quite common in the galaxy. That isn't to say they are all in the goldilocks zone, but out of 100 million I'm willing to bet there are a couple million planets that are.

So where does that put the possibility of life as we know it forming on other planets? It happened here. Chances seem pretty good that it could happen on a few others out of the millions of planets out there. And that's just life as we know it. There could be other forms of life that can exist outside the habitable zone. At this point there is no evidence that there's other life out there, but it seems infeasible that Earth is that special.

Just something to think about.

Am I saying I believe in aliens over God? Well... yes. Frankly, there's more evidence for aliens. However, I do not believe they have ever visited us, or even know of our existence. Much the same way we don't know about them. The "aliens" may only be algae on some otherwise barren planet.


  1. "And that's *lust* life as we know it."
    What's on your mind lately Marf?


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