Wednesday, January 26, 2011

«Building a Trap»

It's such a pain building large projects in Minecraft when I don't have a huge stockpile of supplies. I'm building a giant monster grinder. Basically it's a big multi-level dark tower. Monsters spawn in darkness, then fall down to the bottom of the tower and either die from the fall, or in a lava trap. Their loot is then carried by water to a collection point where I can stand. This is my first major construction on the new server map.

I'm making the effort to build the exterior out of sandstone, so it's taking a while to get the materials for it. It will be much taller than this.
Mob grinder under construction

Click image to view full.
It actually extends further underground than it is tall right now. That other one is going to be a second tower connected to the first one.


  1. hmm marf could i get the server info for that? i would love to check that out.

  2. So this sandstone isn't perfect... hmm. I think I'll stick to the original game that involves Falling Sand.

  3. @ Anonymous (#1): Nope. It's a private IP address. We don't need random people griefing.

  4. @ marf: ok just asking :P i dont do that but i understand

  5. @ thatguywhoshoots: Yeah, it's not my server, so I don't really have the right to be giving out the IP.

  6. @marf aww i got you. i understand. but if u have a new/other server you use, let me know. i would love to join you. o and i love your site



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