Wednesday, January 19, 2011

«Minecraft Reset»

So they're going to reset the Minecraft server I've been playing on the 23rd. All that work... Gone.

But I guess the fun is in building something, not letting it sit around after. I don't know. I'm the type that would build something out of Legos and then not tear it apart until I needed the pieces to build something else.

I'm trying to mentally detach myself from what I've built.


  1. Is this the Minecraft server that you violated with your filthy capitalism? ;))

  2. So, any reason for this? They just get tired of the stuff they built?

  3. @ Linda: Yeah, it is.

    @ Vid: There are a lot of constructions by people that don't play anymore. People are too spread out now, so there's less cooperation. No one wants to travel for 20 minutes just to help each other. There was also an update that added some new content that can only be found in newly generated areas.


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