Monday, January 24, 2011

«Derpcraft Becomes CraftVille»

The multiplayer Minecraft server I play on has been reset. New land to conquer and build monuments to myself on.

Yesterday was the last day with the old map. Demolition derby! About every major building was blown up with T&T. So much T&T that it routinely crashed everyone watching, but what a hole some of them left!

On the new map I've went Northeast and laid claim to a large desert. My plans involve a lot of sand, sandstone, and glass. My first order of business is to decide where I want to build 2 giant silos that will become mob traps. Basically a multi-level dark room that monsters spawn in, then automatically die in such a way that I can collect their loot.

After that, I'm going to build expansive semi-Egyptian style ruins throughout the desert. Some will be built in-tact, others will appear in disrepair.


  1. I hate sand, it falls. If you build towers of sand on other people's servers, they can destroy your creations with just a torch.

  2. @ Vid: Since one of the new updates, if you combine 4 sand blocks in the crafting grid you create sandstone. Sandstone does not fall.


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