Sunday, January 2, 2011

«Name That Beak»

With the help of a friend, I have acquired a Blighted Beak for my medic in Team Fortress 2. I also happen to have a Name Tag, allowing me to name an item.

It's modeled after the primitive respirators worn by plague doctors in the middle ages.
TF2 Medic wearing a Blighted Beak
What should I name this mask? The default name is "Blighted Beak". Surly there's a better name I could give it. Never mind that he's playing violin on his bone saw1.

1: Yes, I know that's actually the Amputator weapon.

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  1. The "plagued peck"... the "wretched respirator"... the "bubonic bird"... the "Marf mask"... and as long as you're fiddling, maybe the "Nero nipper".


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