Sunday, October 26, 2008

«Ctrl+Alt+Del Silly: Halloween Invitation»

Halloween is next weekend, and we've been invited to a party. So we're going. / So... Any ideas what you want to dress up as? / Can I dress up as a guy who doesn't want to dress up?

That's What I'm Going to be for Halloween. I usually dress up as myself, so this year I'll be different and dress up as a guy who doesn't want to dress up.


  1. I was informed today, on my first day, that I am to be a sexy cop for Halloween. Should be interesting.

  2. @ Monique: Informed by who? Was it a joke or serious?

  3. No it was serious. Is serious.

    They do "themes" where everyone dresses up together. How fun, huh?

    Last year they were valley girls.... This year is sexy cops. I bought my handcuffs and badge tonight.

    Not thrilled but I'll play along.

  4. @ Monique: Yeah, I wouldn't be thrilled about that, either.


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