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«Petersburg Trip Photos (Photo Heavy)»

These pictures are in chronological order of when I took them. My dad and I went to Petersburg, Alaska to help out my uncle that lives there. The trip started on October 9th and ended on October 15th. All these pictures were taken by me within that time frame. Click an image to view full.

Here's the Kubota in the trailer hitched up and ready to go to Petersburg.
Kubota track hoe loaded in the trailer.
Here we are on the Alaska Marine Highway System's ferry Taku, on the car deck. The crew directs you where to go, how to turn, and when to stop. They pack you in tight. That boat in front of the truck had an outboard engine sticking out about 6 inches away from the grill of the truck.
Loaded up on the Taku car deck.
Here's the ship's directory for the Taku; the ferry we took both ways.
Taku Ship Directory
This is downtown Petersburg. As you can see, it was raining. It rained the entire time we were there. The weather is very much like Ketchikan, just a little colder and not as near as windy.
Downtown Petersburg, Alaska looking North.
I'm standing in the same place as the previous picture, looking down the other direction. Now you've pretty much seen the entirety of downtown Petersburg. Most of the side roads just go to housing. Yeah... It's many times smaller than Ketchikan.
Downtown Petersburg, Alaska looking South.
This is down on the docks. It's a sailors lost at sea memorial.
Lost at sea memorial Viking Ship.
Here's another angle. If you view full you can just barely make out the words "We remember ours lost at sea..." on the highest plaque. Those are the rain gear of the last person lost.
Lost at sea memorial statue.
I just wanted to give a feel for another way that Petersburg is different from Ketchikan. Petersburg has much more flat land and muskeg flats.
Muskeg flats near the Petersburg, Alaska airport.
Here's the grocery store. There's another one in town, but this is the main one. Hammer & Wikan is really not as big as it looks. It's not even half the size as the Safeway or Alaskan & Proud grocery stores here in Ketchikan.
Hammer & Wikan grocery store in Petersburg, Alaska.
One thing about my uncle's place: there were always deer everywhere. At times there were 8 deer in his yard; and they were unafraid.
Deer on my uncle's deck.
Really unafraid...
Deer getting really close.
They didn't even care about the equipment running.
Deer watching the Kubota track hoe.
Even the fawns (baby deer) didn't seem to mind.
Fawn laying in the grass.
Here's a map of Petersburg outside the ferry terminal.
Map of Petersburg, Alaska.
This is about the best picture of the M/V Taku ferry I could get. It's arriving in Petersburg. We're waiting to get on to go back to Ketchikan.
M/V Taku arriving in Petersburg, Alaska.
Petersburg flag hanging in the ferry terminal.
Petersburg flag hanging in the ferry terminal.
The waterfront as seen from the ferry, leaving Petersburg.
Petersburg, Alaska waterfront as seen from the ferry.
The ferry made a quick stop in Wrangell before we went on to Ketchikan. Here's the Wrangell waterfront.
Wrangell, Alaska waterfront as seen from the ferry.
We made it home safe, had no problems or accidents while in Petersburg, so it was a good trip. I even got along good with my cousins.

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  1. Do I even need to say how many levels of love I have for the pic of the deer's nose in your cam? LOL OMG

    I can't wait to show it to the boys tomorrow.


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