Wednesday, October 1, 2008

«Because the GPS Wants You to Die»

"Turn right" means take the next right turn on the road, not immediately turn right and drive down the train tracks. I mean... Seriously... I don't drive and I know that.

And yet, that is exactly what two different people did on the same set of train tracks this year. What's wrong with you people?! I'm sure the GPS meant for you to turn onto the road that runs parallel to the train tracks. Wouldn't the overly bumpy ride on the tracks be a hint? Maybe it wasn't meant for cars?

If you followed the GPS in this town, you would be off in the Tongass Narrows. There's a rather large offset in the GPS maps around here for some reason. It would be impossible to navigate this town by GPS, because you could be on 1st Ave, but the GPS would register as being on 5th Ave (Yes, it's that bad).

You can see how bad it is in some areas by looking at Google Maps. I think they must use the same road maps the GPS does. Take a look. See where it put North Tongass Highway? That's way out in the water.

EDIT: Finally, in October 2009 they fixed the road alignment for this town!


  1. *lol* That is too funny and too stupid. Well, I guess I gotta invest in a submarine car if I wanna take that highway.

  2. My theory is that long term usage of GPS causes the geographical portions of the brain to atrophy, with potential evolutionary consequences, but this adds a new dimension to my understanding of the horrors of GPS.


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