Wednesday, October 22, 2008

«Shopping Carts With a Vengeance»

Last night we had a bit of a wind storm. Maybe 60 mph? Definitely not as strong as I've seen before. They were calling for 70 but I think they lowered it a bit. Heavy rain came with the storm, as always. Wind driven rain droplets sting your face, that sort of thing. Of course, I just had to go to the windiest place I could think of. It's down on the waterfront in town, on the water side of our mall by the Safeway store. I tell you what, that would be the perfect place for wind turbines. It seems like it's always windy there.

I was standing down there just at the edge of the building so I was shielded from the wind and rain. I was watching the waves, garbage flying around, and the shopping carts blow around in the parking lot (and crashing into parked cars). I even saw one chasing a car. The cart was gaining on it, but the car turned before the cart hit it. Then the shopping cart slammed into a curb and fell over.

There was one power outage caused by a falling tree, but didn't affect the part of town I was in. I'm told it fell across the road near Ward Cove and there was single lane traffic while they cleaned it up.

Got to love fall weather in Ketchikan.


  1. Oh yeah! Love and miss that October Weather. Cody while you're at the mall parking lot on a windy day look up towards the bypass and Schoenbar. What do you see? All those trees swinging like grass on a prairie.


  2. How cool. I love to sit on my back porch and watch storms roll in.

    Were you wearing your nifty orange slicker??

  3. @ Marco: Ah, good, you did visit my blog.

    I couldn't see much in that direction because it was too dark. About all you see is the the streetlights and silhouette of the mountain disappear into the clouds.

    @ Monique: No, I was wearing my trenchcoat.

  4. So, a dude w/ long hair, in a trenchcoat hanging out in the middle of a storm by a building side?

    I would be ever so curious by that.... A spy, a drug dealer, a private investigator, a prostitute - um, what else....

  5. Nop Monique! It's just Cody doing his thing in ketchikan, for those who don't know him I guess they might feel intimidated. The self description of "shy guy" is very appropriate, of course everyone knows everyone in ketchikan so I believe only outsiders are surprised. And actually the site at safeway is right on the waterfront and since it's a huge landfill in makes the exposure to the elements even more dramatic.
    The real interesting thing will be when Cody decides to leave "the rock" and interact with the "outsiders" in his trenchcoat. Now there's a LOT of blog material to write about!

    Cheers Buddy!

    p.s. Cody, why not create a section of all the "outrageous" characters in KTN? Imagine KJ (with his 60's T-shirts), Wine-stein (in his eternal jogging shoes), Joe Williams (his ever present eagle-feathered hat) , Jerry (his walking stick), etc....Really the list would be endless! Actually it would be hard to find "normal" people in the First city.

  6. "...why not create a section of all the "outrageous" characters in KTN?"

    Yes, I agree. Do tell.

  7. @ Marco & Monique: Because I don't know these people you're talking about. Contrary to what Marco said, everyone doesn't know everyone. I sure don't know many people. I keep to myself.

    I'm a hermit.

  8. Hi Marf.
    Me I love storms. I remember being in Edinburgh some years ago when they had one of the biggest thnder storms ever. Lightning everywhere, lashing rain etc. everyone else was cowering inside, I was hanging out the window of the flat enjoying every ,minute of it.

    Marf you sound a lot like I was when I was younger - and even look a bit similar BTW. When I was around your age my favourite coat was an old grey first world war trenchcoat.

  9. @ Bunc: Thunder and lightning are rare here. I think it has something to do with the cooler temperatures and mountain configuration.

    That's cool about the old trenchcoat.


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