Tuesday, October 28, 2008

«Wasn't That House Special?»

Single house left standing
'Tis the difference a good foundation will make.


  1. That can't be real..... How odd. How Wizard of Oz'ish

  2. I attended an engineering conference where one of the presenters talked about new affordable, hurricane/tornado proof housing. He said his company was originally hopeful after hurricane Katrina, but the orders never came in. It seems that federal regulations require that any home being rebuilt on a federal disaster relief grant must be rebuilt according to the building codes in effect prior to the disaster, and the old building codes weren't compatible with the new designs.

  3. Hey I bet the guy that bult that house has got more orders now than he can handle. That's an awesome pcture. Makes you kind of humble when you see the devastating power that raw nature can unleash.


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