Wednesday, October 29, 2008

«This is Driving Me Insane»

Qweb Online Riddle

I've seen something like this before. You have to think outside the box in order to figure out the address for the next level. I had a few hangups that took a bit to get past. But I'm dead stuck on the very last level: level 18.

Snipped from the source code of level 18's page:

<!-- X = image."3725" --><p>
4632715 -->
Congrat<!-- 1 -->
ulation<!-- 6 -->
s, you <!-- 7 -->
made it<!-- 3 -->
 to the<!-- 5 -->
 final <!-- 2 -->
level! <!-- 4 -->

I figured out the numbers in the quotes for level 18, but I'm still missing something. I don't think I can say much more without spoiling it for someone.

Yes, it's 3:21AM here and I've finally decided to give up for tonight. I'm to the point of frustration now that if someone wanted to email an answer to me, I'd be happy to accept it.

EDIT: Nevernind, I finally figured it out.


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