Tuesday, January 12, 2010

«Part of the Team»

I've been playing Borderlands multiplayer with a couple of my real-life friends. We're on the 2nd playthrough now, and the 3 of us make a pretty well balanced team.

We've got a Brick (that's the character's name) who is the team's tank and damage sponge. He rushes into battle in a suicidal rampage and gets the attention of all the enemies. He likes to punch things.

We've got a Mordecai, he's our sniper. If something randomly dies out of nowhere, it was probably his doing.

It took me a while to figure out what part I wanted to play. At first I started as Lilith (I always seem to chose to play the woman). However, she didn't really play well with others. When one of my friends would go down, the only thing she could do was phasewalk and run away to save herself. I didn't feel like part of a team playing as her. So I switched to Roland and became the team's medic. I'd like to think it's because of me that Brick can go on suicidal rampages and not actually die.

I've picked up a special skill (called cauterize) that allows me to heal teammates when I shoot them1. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "friendly fire". I usually like to find a position above the battle and shoot my rocket launcher at Brick. Since the rockets explode on impact and hit everything in the area, I can simultaneously heal my teammates and kill the enemy. I'm also durable enough to run into battle and revive a downed teammate, if needed.

Because of my constant barrage of friendly rockets, this allows my teammates to hold nothing back. Even Mordecai can go out-of-character and run into the foray Rambo-style. I also enable the team to regenerate ammunition, so we should never run out. I feel important and useful to the team now.

1 That's right. I heal people by shooting them... With rockets.


  1. Wait... if Lilith ran away, couldn't you control her and make her go back? Weren't you controlling her every move?

  2. @ Vid: Yes, I did control her every move. But if I tried to revive a teammate with her, I'd end up dead, too. I'd die if I didn't run.

  3. i think your soppused to be a scout

  4. @ Anonymous (#4): Perhaps that is what Lilith is good for in a team, but we don't really need a scout. A lot of the creature enemies pop out of the ground in front of you anyway.


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