Thursday, January 28, 2010

«Talk of the Bridge, Again»

Now that Sarah Palin is out of the equation, there's renewed talk about building the bridge to our airport.

We have a $28 million literal "road to nowhere" over there, built to connect to where the bridge would have been. Palin only stopped the bridge to try to make herself look good. She was "for it before she was against it." Once there was a national public outcry (based on misinformation) she changed to the "popular" side.

We need something, the current ferry system is just not cutting it. There's the options of new ferries or a bridge. New ferries would only delay the problem, and you'd still have the issue of trying to catch the ferry in time so you can get to airport security in time. Meanwhile a bridge would not only provide a much needed hard-link to our airport, but it would open up all that flat land for development. And that's what this town needs to thrive.


  1. The ferries won't do? I have an easy solution: ride over on the dolphins you keep in your igloos.

  2. @ Vid: LOL, there's the solution. Except, how would we keep ourselves and our baggage dry? There's also visitors who don't have dolphins. Besides, with how busy the current ferries are, we'd be working the dolphins too hard and PETA would complain.

  3. Forget the dolphins, just make the PETA members swim you over. Give them something useful to do for a change.


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