Friday, January 1, 2010

«You Are Now Aware»

So I actually went out and did something with a couple friends last night. Although to be honest, we didn't really care about New Year's. We didn't do a countdown or anything.

One of us just noticed that it's after midnight, "Oh. Happy New Year's guys." Anyone has any stories of their own from last night to tell?

I have to say this... You are now aware that 2000 was 10 years ago, and 1990 was 20 years ago. You are also aware that your jaw has weight and you're holding it up, and you now have a random itch somewhere on your body.

Also, The Game.


  1. Oh great, my new year's resolution was not to lose the game at all.
    Though I suppose that was a self-unfulfilling prophecy...

  2. well i was never aware of the jaw thing, and strangely i didnt have a random itch :P but god damn it you made me lose the game :/

    - Six Legions

  3. @ Vid: And mine is the same as every year: to not make a New Year's resolution. That too, is self-defeating.

    @ Six Legions: Ha! At least I got you on that.

    @ Monique: What? No... There was no her. I was with John and Trevor, sometimes Trevor comments here.

  4. "her"? Ooooooooo does Marf have a special lady friend that he's not telling us about? ;P

    - Six Legions

  5. @ Six Legions: No, I don't. Sadly.

  6. Dang you! I lost. I haven't lost The Game for over a year I think.

  7. @ Techwiz: Orly? Then it was time.


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