Thursday, February 25, 2010

«SimCity 4: Ishau»

I've been wanting to play a city simulator again for a while. I haven't read very good reviews of Cities XL, and from what I've seen I don't like how zoning works in it anyway. So I've went back to SimCity 4. Click an image to view full.

I started a brand new region, so right now my biggest city only has a population of 15,000. I named it Ishau.
Main part of Ishau
As you can see, I'm using the Network Addon Mod. This is what allows me to have all the roundabouts and that odd highway intersection (among other things).

Because the roundabouts are a new feature to me, I went a little overboard on them.
Residential district of Ishau with a plethora of roundabouts.
I always have a tendency to build things with a symmetrical pattern, so I've been trying my damndest to avoid patterns, especially in the industrial district. I was going for a dirty, messy, chaotic look.
Dirty industrial district of Ishau.


  1. even tho you did go abit overboard with the roundabouts, you didnt go too overboard and i like it. it has kind of a new futuristic style that you dont see very much. it looks pretty damn cool. i would definitely live there :D

    - Six Legions

  2. @ Six Legions: Thanks, and there's a bus/subway station within walking distance of every home up there. There's little to no pollution where the houses are, but there's high pollution down in the industrial district (there's even a coal power plant down there).

  3. Well yeah, wind power plants are for wimps. You have to put like fifty of them in just to power your agricultural zones.

  4. @ Vid: And wind turbines have a really high maintenance cost for what they output, same with solar and hydrogen. Coal is the cheapest type of power. If you want a clean city, it's best to just buy coal power from a neighbor city.

    But the power quantities are waaay off anyway. That coal power plant isn't quite enough for Ishau. The coal power plant says it generates 6,000 MW of electricity... A town of 15,000 (such as Ketchikan) in real life should only consume 20-30 MW of electricity, depending on the time of year and climate.

  5. well, i suppose since sims are made of electricity, a simcity would take up alot more than a normal city.


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