Thursday, February 18, 2010

«Stat Chart»

Here's how I honestly rate myself on this chart1. You can get the blank chart here if you wish to fill it out for yourself (use MS Paint or something). If you do, leave a comment with a link and I'll edit this post to include the link in a list. Click a chart to view full.

Marf's Ultimate Stat Chart
Here's a short explanation of why I ranked myself as I did in each category:

Health: I'm a pretty healthy person, more so than most people, I think.
Strength: I've got average strength, nothing special.
Stamina: Above average, I'm able to ride a bicycle up steep hills, for example.
Intelligence: The average person will rank themselves above average, so there you go.
Perception: I can notice little things, but I'm no Adrian Monk2.
Creativity: I'm just not that creative of a person. I really struggle to come up with something every day for my blog.
Charisma: I don't seem to be that good at making friends, especially in real life.
Social Skills: Social anxiety has an iron grip on me.
Confidence: Leaves much to be desired. It's why I'm still unemployed.
Face: Average looks, I'm not in a position to boast, really.
Body: I'm not fat. That fact alone puts me well above average.
Style: Meh, I don't keep up with styles. I do my own thing.
Humor: I'm no funnyman, and often times jokes are lost on me.
Passion: I could almost live in a Vulcan society... Almost.
Empathy: I care about the species as a whole, as well as individuals.
Spirituality: lol. Strong atheism doesn't mesh well with spirituality. Show me some evidence.
Discipline: I'm quite good at saving money, I don't drink too much, among other things.
Luck: Lady luck has never been a friend of mine. Although I haven't had exceptionally bad luck, either.


These people have participated and sent me their chart:

Six Legions
Six Legions' Ultimate Stat Chart
Vid's Ultimate Stat Chart
Vanity Lindsay
Vanity Lindsay's Ultimate Stat Chart
1: Some of you may recognize this chart. I take no credit for creating it, and I do not know its origins.
2: Adrian Monk is a TV show character played by Tony Shalhoub, he was a private detective. The series has now ended.


  1. I would link to it if I knew how to use an internet, but I don't. So I'll just say.
    Health ---
    Strength -
    Stamina -
    Intelligence ----------
    Perception ------
    Creativity --------
    Charisma --
    Social Skills--
    Confidence ----
    Face -----
    Body --
    Style -
    Humor -------
    Passion -----
    Discipline ----
    Luck ----

  2. @ Vid: So you're Ozymandias in disguise?

  3. If anyone would know how great I am and where I lie, let him surpass one of my works.


    i r be ranked myself :D and terrible grammar ftw lol

    - Six Legions

  5. @ Six Legions: I don't have permission to view that facebook link. If you email the image to me I could host it on my server.

    That offer extends to Vid (or anyone else) that doesn't have a place to host it themselves. Just make sure you tell me the alias you comment with in the email, so I can tell who you are.

  6. Wha...? Man, the link to your email is blocked by this stupid school filter.

  7. @ Vid: You know what it might be, I've got games on that same domain. I bet the admins at your school added the domain to their blocked list.

    I don't want to list the email address in plain text because spambots will scrape it. Just take the name I post comments with, and add @ followed by and you'll have my email address.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. im so embarrassed i was tired when i posted it and i feel rally dumb im so sorry lmfao

  9. @ Abby: So does that mean I should ignore this one and only post Vanity Lindsay's?


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