Sunday, February 28, 2010

«Another Earthquake»

What's with all the large earthquakes lately? Haiti... Japan... Chile... There's been some serious movement of the tectonic plates lately, hasn't there1? At least Japan and Chile are more prepared for earthquakes, so even though the one in Chile was vastly more powerful, it didn't do as much damage. Makes me wounder when the next big one will hit the US2...

*ominous voice* And this is only the beginning... 2012.

1: Actually, if you look at a list of sizable earthquakes by year, this year is progressing no differently than years past.
2: Probably will happen in Alaska, out somewhere away from a population center so it won't even make the news.


  1. maybe the epicenter will be at 2312 Tongass Ave...

  2. @ Anonymous (#1): That's the address I embedded in the street view map, isn't it? But the nearest fault line is about 50 miles from here, so most likely the epicenter of an earthquake in this area would be out there.

  3. If there's an eathquake in Alaska, you can always fill up the crack with snow.

  4. @ Vid: We're a little low on snow, but we've got plenty of water...

  5. Now there's another earthquake, this time in in Kryzgyszyyzstygzystzggystan.

  6. @ Vid: Yeah, there's always an earthquake somewhere...


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