Wednesday, February 17, 2010

«Street View in Ketchikan!»

It took a while after the Google street view car came here, but Google Street View is finally available in Ketchikan, Alaska via Google maps:

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Now it's possible for anyone to explore my little town. Please take note: this is Alaska and there's no igloos in sight. That's actually why I chose this location to embed, so you can see one of our towers. Also you can see our Plaza mall. If you rotate 180 you can see the other tower. This is a real city, I swear!

Go ahead, play with the embedded map... Click and drag to pan around, or click on one of the arrows on the road overlay to go up and down the street.

I didn't choose to embed the location of the the sign downtown that says "Ketchikan" in big letters because that part of town is only there for tourists. Once upon a time it was the true downtown of Ketchikan, but now it's just a bunch of tourist shops that board up their windows for the winter. What I've embedded is in the West End, the "true" part of town that locals actually go to.

They've got most of the road system, even a surprising number of the side roads. The road out South of town (East on a compass) has spotty coverage, I'm not sure why that is.


  1. A McDonalds in Alaska... they really DO have those everywhere.

  2. @ Vid: Oh, yeah. They are everywhere. This one here even offers free wifi. I know they said every McDonalds across the nation is teaming up with AT&T to give free wifi. But it seems Alaska is often excluded from the phrase "across the nation."


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