Friday, February 19, 2010

«Stat: Discipline»

That ultimate chart post sent me off on a thought tangent about the discipline metric.

I see how inefficient it is to pay for health insurance. I would rather instead put that money into a personal savings account, not only would I have enough money for health care, but I'd be earning interest1 on it. I'd have the discipline to only use that account for health care, too. That's why it wouldn't work for most people. Most people do not have the discipline to have a chunk of money and not use it on frivolous crap they can't afford.

Health insurance sucks anyway. You have to pay the deductible first before they cover anything, then they only cover a percentage after that.

I'm a lot like Scrooge when it comes to money. I could have millions in the bank and still be a penny-pinching bastard. I'm the type that will die with millions in the bank, never having enjoyed life, and no one to name as an heir to my fortune2.

"Waiter, more bread."
"That'll cost you extra, sir."
"… No more bread."

1: Although in current times interest rates are nearly 0%, so the amount I'd earn is negligible.
2: Seeing as I'm unemployed and living with my parents, this is a theoretical fortune.


  1. Well, I think that with Health Insurance, you pay a relatively small amount to the company, and they pay a relatively large amount to cover medical expenses, if you get sick.

  2. or in our case... you pay the premiums and the deductible, expect coverage and then have an $8,000 bill show up in your mailbox because the insurance company denied a previously accepted claim for a surgery your child had to have on his ears. fuckers. we are appealing but it does not stop the collection process, which means a shit smeared credit report.

    sorry, get a little heated on the subject.

  3. @ Vid: No, you pay a relatively large sum of money every month to the company, then they try to weasel out of paying for as much as possible.

    Monique's situation is a prime example.


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