Monday, January 28, 2008

«February 10th, Worldwide»

Call to Action

Looks like February 10th isn't just in London. Now it's worldwide.

The video is correct, Anonymous isn't exactly some elite group of "hackers on steroids"(old video, I know.) They are everyone and they are no one. From your school teachers to your bag boys at the grocery. From lawyers and police to collage students. Sure, there are hackers as well (all walks of life, remember?). They are definitely not organized. It's more of a collective bandwagon effect. If enough of them think something is funny, then the rest of them follow.

Usually their raids are just for the lulz, but if their target deserves it, so much the better. Like the dangerous cult of Scientology. In the war on Scientology, they are taking on more of the role of Internet Vigilante. A lot of them are already saying the battle as been won. They made media attention and lulz were had.

Oh, in case you want to know what happened to Lisa McPherson and Paulette Cooper by the hands of Scientology. Or what Operation Snow White was.

I'm not saying Anonymous is innocent, but their cause is just in the War on Scientology.


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