Thursday, January 24, 2008

«Scientology Raid in London on Feb 10»

Looks like there's going to be a physical raid on the Church of Scientology in London on February 10, 2008; 146 Queen Victoria Street. I'm not sure how many will actually show up, but this may prove to be interesting.

CALLING ALL THOSE AGAINST SCIENTOLOGY. The time has come to take to the streets in this war against THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY. Anonymous will be at: The London church of Scientology 146 Queen Victoria Street London EC4V 4BY. FEB 10th @ 11AM. Wear a mask of your choosing.
Various links to visit for more information on Project Chanology and Scientology in general:
Project Chanology Website
Encyclopedia Dramatica page on Project Chanology
Operation Clambake

The War on Scientology and DDoS attacks made the news.
Anonymous on Sky News

Disclaimer: I am not joining in on any attacks on Scientology, I am not a computer hacker. But I do support their cause against Scientology.


  1. Hi Marf - saw your comment on my post at the bloggers help group re scientology so Ithought I would drop by for a visit and leave a comment.

    Do you reckon the Aliens will come down and rescue those scientologists? What a bunch of cranks they are - dangerous cranks.

    Anywhooo - feel free to drop by my blog sometime and post a comment or six.

  2. Sorry I put the wrong link in my previous comment - this is the blog for you to leave comments if you are so inclined. The one I put in my other signature is an Affiliate advice blog.

  3. Hey bunc, I will drop by your blog and leave a comment. Thanks for commenting on mine.

    I don't think Anon's attack will really achieve anything serious, unfortunately. Although I'd like to see all Scientologists' body thetans banished to the docking station on Venus forever. Or maybe join Xenu in eternal intergalactic prison. lol


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