Monday, January 21, 2008

«OMFG, We're all going to die!»

Scientology closed due to thetansOh wait, that's just a conspiracy about 2007 TU24. That's an asteroid due to make a near miss of Earth on January 29th, 2008, at a distance of 1.4 times the distance of the Moon.

What's that picture about? The Legion of Anonymous has declared war on the "Church" of Scientology. In my opinion, they deserve it. They're nothing but a cult.

The first time I actually heard of them was from South Park. The episode named "Trapped in the Closet." Soon after it aired one of their own quit (Isaac Hayes, the voice of Chef). He was fine with South Park making fun of other religions, but not his own.

There's a video of Tom Cruise floating around the internet babbling about how good Scientology is for 8 minutes, none of what he says makes sense. Really makes you see how badly he's brainwashed. I'd link to it, but the "Church" of Scientology keeps getting the video removed, so the video's location is always changing.


  1. GRAWR! I AM FROM THE FUTURE! and im bored....

  2. @S1x Legi0ns: lol. From the future and yet the world STILL hasn't ended.


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