Tuesday, January 29, 2008

«The Real Way to Wage War on Scientology»

Ok, a moment of seriousness... In order for the War on Scientology to work, the DDoSing does need to stop, it doesn't really help anything other than getting media attention. They've got the media's attention now. The February 10th Protest is a very big step in the right direction, if it goes as planned.

Scientology: XENU TV Speaks to Anonymous

Watch his other videos while you're at it.

This guy knows how to proceed properly. Letters to your congressmen/government officials should be included in the War. Public protests will also get media attention, and are not illegal (if kept peaceful). Spreading information about Xenu, body thetans, etc. to the general public will also help, because anyone not properly brainwashed up to OT III will not take their beliefs seriously.

If it were just their crazy beliefs I wouldn't have much of a problem with them. But they actively abuse copyright laws, infiltrate governments, threaten innocent people, suppress freedom of speech, even kill people. They are, by all accounts a dangerous cult. The public needs to be aware of that and do something about it. Also, the act of charging people to belong, yet still being tax exempt is just wrong.

On another note, this blog wasn't intended to be an anti-Scientology blog. That's just what I've cared about lately. As my interests and passions change, so will the content and main points of the blog.

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  1. I do not nor have I ever advocated any type of volience.... I think that is a senseless way of handling any situation. Scientology was originally a peaceful group of believers in self ideas that has gone horribly astray of late and that is really sad.


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