Thursday, January 31, 2008

«C-Block Bidding Closed»

The C-Block bidding for the 700mhz spectrum has closed at a price of $4,713,823,000. That's over the 4.6 billion reserve price that was set. So this block will be required to give its customers the right to download any application they want on their mobile device, and the right to use any device they want on the network. And I think that's great.

That's been the main problem with the iPhone. It wasn't open to 3rd party programs, and you can only use AT&T with it. Won't be having any of that in the C-Block of the 700mhz spectrum.

We won't know who won it until all the bidding is done for the other blocks, but speculation is leaning toward Google. I hope it was them. I hope they have some grand plan for a nation wide, free high speed wireless network. Remember, for Google the more people that are on the internet seeing their ads, the better. Only downside of that is a lot of ISPs would go out of business, who can compete with free? I say unlimited access to the internet should be free anyway.


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