Wednesday, January 23, 2008

«Someone Actually Visits Realm of Marf!»

Speaking of Realm of Marf and the Alien Adoption Agency (see yesterday's post), apparently someone who visits Realm of Marf at their school joined A3 because of me. I didn't even know that many people visited my site. I mean sure, I have Google Analytics set up and I can see it's visited daily. But I figured those were just automatic systems scanning for an email address to spam. I have noticed an increase in spam since I made that site, although the Gmail spam filters are really good at catching it.

I've been thinking about making a Half Life 2: Deathmatch map similar to dm_ccelerator_v4, hosted at (scroll down a bit). Possibly what I would doPush Button, Receive Bacon is have 4 different bases, and a cloverleaf intersection in the center. That's if I ever get around to doing it. I have a Portal map that's nearing completion, but I got burned out on mapping and haven't returned to it yet. Unfortunately, that seems to happen to a lot of things with me.

Eh, If I think of anything else today I'll make another post. Until then, here's a random picture.


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