Tuesday, September 30, 2008

«I'll Just Leave This Here...»

I'll just leave this here...

Messed up human face and a dog. How else to describe it?


  1. THat is not just odd it is seriously seriously freaky. I think I am going to have trouble sleeping tonight.

  2. The dog is laughin' at the dude, and the dude is thinkin' . . . "here we go again with the ugly face jokes".


  3. thats is so photoshoped, look at her neck, the shade changes, if its not photoshop its a good mask =P

  4. Anon- It's totally photoshopped. It is actually an image of a cute li'l girl someone saw fit to morph into a freaky Michael Jackson'esque image. YIKES.

    Poor Bunc- Did you make it through w/out nightmares?

  5. @ Anonymous: Oh, I knew it was 'shopped. The skin tones don't even match. It's just an odd image now.

    @ Monique: But I did not know what the original image looked like, thanks.


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