Wednesday, November 5, 2008

«The Answer Suddenly Came to Me»

I was just finishing up with reading the various blogs I read every day in Google Reader, and the answer to that Qweb Riddle suddenly came to me. So I finished it. Funny how things can come to you when you're not even thinking about it.

Go to the Winners Page and look for the name Marf on 5th November 2008.


  1. AHH, ive been driven mad by this buggar. what the answer to 18... or at least a good hint.

  2. @ Anonymous: Well, what had me stuck was the "image." part of the <!-- X = image."3725" --><p> line.

    It finally came to me: add the 12's together.

    Think about that for a bit, and tell me if you need any further hints.

  3. I appreciate the help, but im still not getting it. I dont want to appear dumb but im not seeing it. (Sadly, I know it right before my eyes.)

  4. I have also been working on this for a while and my brain is killing me.

  5. @ Anonymous: I can't just give the answer here. Sure, it would make some people happy, but make others very unhappy.

    And if you've made it this far you're not dumb.

    Ok, another hint:
    You know the part that says

    s, you
    made it
    to the

    Treat it as a grid. You'll notice there are numbers on top and one side of this grid.

  6. :) i finally got it. with a little bit o your help, thanks a million mate. (and by the way, you done really want him to give you the answer, its worth it to find out on your own.)

  7. @ Anonymous: No problem, glad to hear you figured it out.

  8. waaa! >.< add the 12's? what do you mean?

  9. @ Anonymous: The 12's in the picture. Add them together and use the result in the same way you did for the number 3725.

  10. This may be quite silly....but is the ' after 12 supposed to be there?

  11. @ Anonymous (#10): I don't know. I've seen it in other places.


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