Sunday, May 17, 2009

«Dynamic Tower»

If everything goes as planned, this Dynamic Tower is going to be built in Dubai in 2010. There's also one planned for Moscow.

Dynamic Tower

The actual movement of the floor won't be as fast as you see in the video. They will have a top speed of one complete revolution every 90 seconds.

The scene with the wind turbines is trying to show that there will be a horizontal turbine between each floor. This building will produce more power than it consumes.

The next scene shows how it will be constructed. All the compartments will actually be built in a factory in Italy and shipped to Dubai, then raised into place. All that needs to be constructed on-site is the central support. No doubt construction is already underway at the factory.

I'd like to see how drains and plumbing are run in a building like that. It doesn't go into too much detail about that at the Dynamic Architecture site. All they say is the same technology used to fuel aircraft in mid-flight will be used.


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