Wednesday, May 6, 2009

«Card Collection»

I just bought a collection of magic cards for $100. I'd say there were about 3,000 cards. While I didn't get anything too exciting, it was worth it - but only just.

Here's my Magic The Gathering collection now.
Marf's Magic the Gathering Collection

Click image to view full.

The big boxes are 5,000-count boxes. That being they were designed to hold 5,000 cards. I don't actually know the exact number of cards in them.

Yes, I keep my cards sorted by color and rarity. The rares are in the binder. There's more pages in that binder that what it looks like in the picture; it's one of those 4-inch binders.

The small box in the lower left holds my best decks, and the medium box to the right holds all my other random crap-decks.


  1. "I keep my cards sorted by color and rarity"Makes me want to mix them up. Not a lot, just a few here and there.

  2. @ Monique: It took a lot of hours to sort those... :(

  3. Anything of value in that collection you bought?

  4. dood that is epic, you must be a real Magic master lol it looks like my pokemon/yugioh collection when i was alittle kid =)

  5. I'm sure it did.

  6. @ Trevor: Not of great value, unfortunately.

    @ Anonymous: I wouldn't call myself a master. I'm a casual player (non-powered vintage). And this town doesn't give me many opponents to practice against.

  7. You made me regret EVER selling my cards, now i only have my four beloved decks.
    So now when inspiration hits me, i cant open up my box of magic cards and create.
    I feel like a musician without a guitar, also i love the sorting system!

  8. @ Anonymous (#8): Sadly, I haven't played in about a year.

  9. You don't know me, and in fact I came across your Blog/Site by accident.

    I also live in Ketchikan and am planning to arrange weekly gatherings for Magic at Godfather's on Monday evenings (5pm-8ish). If there is enough interest I'll begin to host some events. Pass the word on.

  10. @ Jesse W.: That... Would actually work quite well for me.


  12. @ CHARLIE: I actually don't care for console games. I'm a PC gamer myself. And "Nerd" is more of a complement these days.

    There's also no need for caps lock here.

  13. I'm well aware that this was post began in 2009, but can anyone suggest where to get a box ^^^ like these? My partner plays this and has 'a lot' of cards and is after a box to keep them ordered, maybe not something too heavy so it can be moved but not something too degradable either like cardboard box, because I'm fairly sure after a while it would disintegrate in his room heh.
    Also, side note, for all those who think this is a nerds game I now play it, and the only thing I regret? Being poor and having no money to build my own deck :(s) As for nerds, much rather have a nerd/gamer, than an idiot :)

  14. They are 5000 Count storage boxes. You can find them on various store websites. I'll go ahead and suggest ABU Games, if for no other reason than they are local to Boise, ID where I now live.


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