Sunday, September 13, 2009

«Google Moble iPhone App»

The Google Mobile App (opens in iTunes, if you have it) for the iPhone is interesting to play around with. Not because its voice recognition is accurate; quite to the contrary. It doesn't seem to pick up my speech very well, so it's funny to see what it thinks I said. Consequently, it's not that useful to me. I still have to type my search queries if I want to actually search for something meaningful.

For example, I say Master Marf and it searches for [nastia mouse]. That isn't to say that it doesn't sometimes get what I wanted. But it can't be a very complex search. Single words or letters seems to work okay.


  1. Hah! I figured out why I couldn't use the improved comment form! Firefox 3.5 has an option to allow third-party cookies, and it's unchecked by default. Or possibly I unchecked it myself. In any case, I checked it, and things work now.

  2. I went to look at that option again to see exactly what it was called, and it's gone now! I no longer have any cookie-related options! Dammit Firefox, stop messing with my mind!

  3. @ Nathaniel: That's what you get for using a beta version. I stay up to date with final releases, but I'd rather not deal with the bugginess of betas.

  4. I haven't used a beta version since 0.98 - I upgrade when Firefox prompts me to.

  5. @ Nathaniel: Well... The newest version is 3.0.14, not 3.5. That's why I assumed you were running a beta... 3.5 isn't out yet.

  6. Wait, scratch that... I guess it is out. Odd though that mine didn't update to it... I just now updated and it only went to version 3.0.14.


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