Sunday, September 20, 2009

«The Stick You Could Be Saving With... Google?»

Google's advertising innovations applied to a stick. Trust us, this is going somewhere. Google Visit Google for AdvertisersSo I ran across this Google Ad during my ventures in the interwebs yesterday (pictured to the right, but not an actual live ad unit). The ad linked to Google's campaign: Pet Stick: A 'Worst-Case' Case Study

The ad says "Trust us, this is going somewhere." I'm pretty sure it already has. It seems to me, adding googly eyes to a random object is clearly NOT a Google innovation. In fact, I'm pretty sure Geico already did it. I'm speaking of course about "The Money You Could be Saving With Geico."

Geico | "Kash Kitchen"

Oddly enough, during my vacation 5 months back, I saw "The Money You Could be Saving With Geico" everywhere... On giant billboards, on TV, even in the trash (they had sent out postcards with the money picture to people). It got to the point that my dad and I started seeing it in other things, even...

This image was taken in Mount Vernon, Washington on May 24th, 2009.
A lump of cement that looks similar to The Money You Could be Saving With Geico.

Click image to view full.


  1. Meerly because you have pictures of the boats that let little old people and stupid people that are looking to get in touch with nature in some miraculous way with k-town I believe you. o.o really should add me surprised as hell. o_O holy shit.
    add me on msn cause talking to ppl on here is hard o.o

  2. @ Passion will end us: Yes, I have many pictures of the cruise ships, although most of those are from last year.

    I don't really use chat much. I almost never have my chat client open anymore. I use to use it more, but nowadays I'd rather use email.


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