Wednesday, September 9, 2009

«Spore Galactic Adventures»

So I just got the Galactic Adventures expansion pack for Spore. So far, it's so not worth it...

I'm sure I'm not in the majority, but it's caused nothing but problems for me. First off, loading times have dramatically increased. I'm talking 10-fold. What used to take 15-30 seconds to load now takes 5 minutes. 5 minutes to initially start the game, then once you're at the main menu, another 5 minutes to load a saved game; no matter how big or small the empire is.

Next, I'm getting only crappy missions that are worth 15 points, tops. This is a problem for everyone. However, I've got the issue compounded by some sort of bug...

Every mission is like it's been dropped onto the wrong planet. Instead of the nice smooth ground the missions were designed on, I get this rugged landscape full of canyons and cliffs. Everything is uneven and impossible to get to without flight, and objects I'm suppose to be able to pick up are often floating high in the sky. I know it's a bug because it happens even on the official Maxis missions.

So frustrating...


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