Friday, September 11, 2009


I'll just leave this Nihilanth1 here...

Nihilanth (AKA giant fetus)

Click image to view full.

1: AKA giant fetus from the game Half Life.


  1. Is that a birds foot potruding from its chest?... and a propane tank sticking out its ass? XD

  2. Not everything you people see on the internet HAS to make sense. I thought you'd know this by now. Can't you just accept it as a random creepy image and leave it at that?

    Oh, fine. It's a rendering of the last boss of the computer game Half Life.

  3. Eh true and I aknowledge that fact, just thought I'd point out that even though its supposed to be creepy, its really funny xP

  4. Personally I think that Opposing Force's last boss is scarier in terms of appearance. This one is a bit funny :D But what really sent chills down my spine the first time I played the game, was Nihilanth's voice. And facing the last teleport leading to him, where you can hear voices from the entire game, made me feel as if I was an inseparable part of HL's atmosphere... Awesome :)

  5. @ Anonymous (#5): The toughest boss for me was Gonarch. I went into that battle with full ammo, and literally emptied everything into its ball sack before it finally died.

    I think the scariest creature I've run across in the Half Life series are the zombies that throw poison headcrabs.

  6. Gonrach was easy for me to beat, i just run in circles, shoot, and hope it wont kill me XD.
    But realy it wasn't hard at all.

    But when i got teleportet to Nihinlath, well, yes it wass a creepy scene being in front of him for the first time. And i neded some time to figure out how to kill it, unlike Gonrach.

    And i agree whith the last anonymus.


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