Monday, March 1, 2010

«Motivational Monday: Exercise»

They don't even have the excuse that it's for the disabled...

Exercise / Welcome to America


  1. Maybe they're there to run up the down escalator... that's always fun.

  2. rofl - at least he is walking up the escalator rather than standing!

    So here are a three scientific explanations:

    1) From the palm trees and the angle of the sun, the fitness center is in Phoenix, Arizona. The temperature is 112 and it is simply too hot to exert oneself outside of the building.

    2) The cute chicks are inside the building, so you don't want to start exercising until you can see them.

    3) These are highly trained athletes and too much stair walking would throw the balance of their training off.

  3. How much you want to bet the guy is going in to use the stair machine?

  4. @ Looney: Another reason Marf would say they're in Phoenix, Arizona is because of the outdoor escalators. Those would not be outside if it rained much.

    @ Nathaniel: Marf chuckled at the thought of that.

    Marf also wants to remind you that he's making this comment on Talk in 3rd Person Day.


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